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I have been addicted to N+C  BL games for a while, especially Togainu no Chi. So to express my love for it, I tried to make a TnC fan game. Yeah.


A Little Red Riding Hood themed comedy story.


In which characters are named after dog and cat, or ridiculous things.

The game is mostly finished, script, CGs, sprites are all done, All that left is SFX and music, which I’m looking for  at the moment. More information could be found in my thread in Lemmasoft forum.

I’m hoping to get help  testing  and proof reading  the game. I’m not a native English speaker, so these are a lot of grammar mistakes and awkward proses.Also since this is my first time making a visual novel, something could come out awkward  so I’m hoping for a second opinion. If anyone is interested, please  send me an ask, I will answer privately.

Warning: The game is full of spoilers. In fact it’s a parody of TnC story line, so it’s not recommended for those who didn’t but still plan to play TnC.